Hello play! and Greg Barth pursue their collaboration to create a world first: a 360° video written for the screen on an electro track by Polar Youth, which is available for free download.

The future of music is a one of a kind 360 film that follows Carré Bleu, a fictitiously famous music producer who can modulate time, space and gravity to create the music of the future.
In this mockumentary interview, he introduces us to a new range of retro-futuristic human instruments he is using to create ground-breaking new sounds for music artist Polar Youth.

The result is a surreal, gif frenzy of gravity defying human instruments that perform all around us, pushing the revolutionary technology to unseen places, and creating a story that the viewer can not only follow, but become a part of.

At the intersection between art and marketing, this digital work questions the relation between humans and our era’s completely digitalised music production approach.


Here is the making of video:



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