Sven Sauer is a digital artist that specializes in matte paintings. Sauer is part of the VFX (visual effects) team that brings the Game of Thrones world to life, creating the illusion of environments like King’s Landing,Harrenhall, Dragonstone and Qarth. While these locations don’t exist in the real world, they are integral to the show and are steeped in their own history that shapes how they look and feel in present day.

Through the use of green screens, real-world environments and digital artistry, Sauer and team create the backdrops and environments for the live-action stories to be told by the actors in front of the camera. When these two elements work seamlessly, a fantasy world comes to life.



I'm the creator of AllFlavors TV a "child" of my main website AllFlavors.NET (in Greek). Apart from being online, I love to play with my two kids.

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