Directed by Michael T. Vollmann, The 414s is the type of of true-life story that is undoubtedly compelling. It’s got it all: intrigue, law breaking, strained friendships and backstabbing. Honestly, it’s amazing that we haven’t seen a feature bio-pic of this story yet. Vollmann wisely keeps his filmic style straightforward, crafting a precisely edited 11 minute journey that never feels slow or cumbersome. Over the runtime, we meet these three nerdy, bespectacled teens (now nerdy, bespectacled adults) who inadvertently affected the world with their afterschool computer-tinkering.

The technology presented feels archaic now, but the underlying themes—this idea that the media sensationalizes that which it doesn’t understand, that many people in authority are using technology which they don’t fully grasp—still ring true today. Computers may be ubiquitous, but the average person still doesn’t know a lick of code and the fear of cyber security is more prevalent (and warranted) then ever.



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