Over 150 miles run in one year. A total of 98,366 photos. This first-person hyperlapse flows through the seasons as the landscapes, weather, light, and city evolve.

In 2015, I signed up for the Madison Marathon in Montana. I wanted to try and record the marathon using hyperlapse, so I started testing it out on smaller runs. Anybody that has tried running with a camera knows the footage can be incredibly shaky. After some intense stabilization in After Effects, I was able to create relatively smooth hyperlapse while running.

Happy with the results, I decided to run the same 5 mile loop in my town while wearing a GoPro strapped to my forehead. Using the timelapse setting, I was able to create this continuous hyperlapse throughout the year, showing off all the changes that come with the seasons.

A few fun facts in the making of this:

-159.5 miles ran
-98,366 photos taken
-83 hours of stabilization
-2 GoPros used
-714GB of photos
-55.27GB of video


I'm the creator of AllFlavors TV a "child" of my main website AllFlavors.NET (in Greek). Apart from being online, I love to play with my two kids.

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