2019. This year I joined Inktober for the first time! The first word/day I thought that would be fun to make a small animation just to kick it off. When I finished it I thought that would be super fun to do small frame by frame animations for each word/day. And to add some layers of unnecessary complexity I set a couple of rules: each animation will start with the last frame of the previous one (like a one-person-exquisite-corpse), each animation will be 3 to 5″ long, and can not think more than 3 words in advance. Oh! And do not place them one after another until the end of the month.

Was a super intense October working on this after work. I made it until 17 days! Before getting sick because of the short sleep.

Had the pleasure to collaborate with the all-mighty-duo Facundo Capece & Lola Richter on the music and sound design and couldn’t be happier with the end result!

Nico Piccirilli


I'm the creator of AllFlavors TV a "child" of my main website AllFlavors.NET (in Greek). Apart from being online, I love to play with my two kids.

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