“In an Empty Wood” is an animation short film written and animated by Chia-Hsin Lee.

The process of making this film was a fun and rewarding one. The poem itself took four months to drill, in which I am extremely grateful for all my friends who was willing to share their deep dark secrets of jealousy with me for the sake of my film.

After settling down with the script, my visual development genius friend Erin McDermott sat down with me and helped me design the twisty trees and the creepy white atmosphere. Then came the technical aspect of how I was going to execute these designs. A lot of credit should be given to both my CG teachers Dariush Derakhshani and Andrew Bac for tolerating my constant questions, SOS flags, and weekend emails for the past 2 months.

Towards the end of production was my favorite part of making a film – Sound. I owe my life to all the people who worked on it: Hao Feng for being the voice of my colors, he understood my story almost immediately while in the recording room; Kion Heidari for providing the ambience score and vocals behind the creepy atmosphere; Ben Scanlan for pulling out magical percussion sounds out of his magical bag; Alberto Cruz for helping me scramble a recording room 4 days before film deadline; and finally the incredible Ben Huff for mixing and making all the sound come together in one piece.

Most importantly I need to thank all my friends and family for supporting me during crunch time.


I'm the creator of AllFlavors TV a "child" of my main website AllFlavors.NET (in Greek). Apart from being online, I love to play with my two kids.

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