For his music video for Berlin trio Fjaak, animator Raman Djafari had the exciting, if intimidating, license to do whatever he wanted. Having known the group for a long time, they gave him complete creative freedom to the point where they only saw the video when it was completely finished. Their trust paid off, as Raman presented them with a hypnotic animation packed with complex transitions, vivid colours and emotive messages.

The video follows a male character “following an inner compass,” Raman explains, “drawn by the morphological white beings radiating from a person far in the distance.” When he finds its source, the two go on a journey together that reshapes them spiritually, which Raman visualises physically through their physical transfiguration. “The shape constellations represent the limitless formation one’s being can take shape as,” he says. “They are the pieces of the self that we rearrange over and over again making sense of ourselves and the world around us.”



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