If you ever watched Cosmos as a kid (or just on Youtube) you know Carl Sagan loved to drop his catch phrase ‘billions and billions’. But Sagan didn’t just talk about how big everything was in the universe, some numbers are just too large to comprehend. This video explains the universe a lot like Sagan would, by showing it to us in a way we can’t possibly forget.

Youtube’s Morn1415 uses jaw-dropping comparisons between our planet, and other planets and stars in our galaxy to drive the point home. With clear visuals like these, you can suddenly understand why it would take melting down 1.3 million Earths to create an object the size of the Sun – or just how little of the galaxy we have actually influenced.

This kind of simple storytelling gets the point across like no number could ever convey (even a ‘small’ figure like a billion). Prepare to feel very tiny.



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