Short experimental animation about dreams by Beijing-based RedCloud Studio. The animation focuses on an astronaut’s dreams as he goes through low-temperature hibernation while traveling to a planet outside the solar system, only to wake up years later. Although it has some technical flaws such as the audio levels jumping, the concept is well executed.

Human lifespan is exceeded to a great extent in this way. Although the body is frozen, the consciousness is not. The person will be dreaming for several hundred years. The body can be kept for that long, but what about consciousness? Does consciousness have its own life expectancy, so will a person think him or herself being dead in dream, while in reality, he is not. An old Chinese proverb once said “fallen leaves return to the roots,” which is a metaphor stating that the last destination of a person’s life should be his homeland, even after death. In my view, if a dream can last for hundreds of years, the place which the dreamer will miss the most will be home.



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