For his first foray into making a short film, Kevin Frilet did not plump for the easy road. He shot Under in a pool within the suburbs of Paris, casting friends, family and acquaintances aged seven to 77, most of whom had never dived before.

The brief was high-concept, low budget. “I wanted to create a liquid universe where time is suspended, space infinite and depth unknown,” says Frilet, whose filmmaking mentorship has included stints as Assistant Director on Christopher Nolan’s Inception and Luc Besson’s Lucy. “Like the white desert in the George Lucas film THX 1138, with no border.”

Frilet enlisted Valentin Stip to soundtrack this underwater corps-à-corps, and the inclusion of the Nicolas Jaar protégé and fellow Parisian was a knowing decision: “I already knew the musical universe of Valentin and his album Sigh was a real source of inspiration for the film. It needed a sound that could express a kind of dizziness, from which, sometimes, an echo of the void can be heard.”




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