This year, former Pink Floyd guitarist David Gilmour released his fourth studio album, entitled Rattle That Lock. It contains a track of the same name that samples the sweet melody of the French SNCF train indicating, with a sweet voice, your platform and train number.

“The Girl in the Yellow Dress,” a song written by Polly Samson and performed by David Gilmour, debuted with a magnificent animated music video in which each frame is flows in or out of the dissolution of the former. Its protagonist is a beautiful woman in a yellow dress, who transforms into a cadre of jazz and drunken smokers. A contemporary romantic Chinaski, between excesses, imagines a sensual dance with that woman. He returns to this delirium to find his drink spilling over.

The video is the result of an effort by many people, including designer and artist Aubrey Powell, who worked with Pink Floyd from the 60 on their iconic visuals, and Danny Madden, the video’s director.



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