Australian car company Holden recently made a wise choice: they gave photographer Nathan Kaso and director Timothy Melville a couple of cars and set them loose on a 1,200-mile trek around Tasmania. What resulted was the fantastic time-lapse above.

Starscapes, beautiful wilderness shots, cityscapes, expertly-crafted motion shots and short hyperlapse segments make this one of the most diverse time-lapse creations we’ve run across. But as Kaso told us when he got in touch with us, it was no easy feat.

The duo, says Kaso, “travelled over 2,000 km through the barren hills of Queenstown, to the vibrant streets of Hobart and finished on the dolerite plateau of Ben Lomond National Park,” spending seven nights on location, capturing nearly 20,000 photos, and averaging about 4 hours sleep per day.

Call us crazy, but that sounds like one heck of an awesome week…

Check out the final product above and drop Kaso and Melville a line in the comments to let them know what you think.



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