Unless you live in a log cabin or a fallout shelter, your home probably uses drywall. Otherwise known as “gypsum board,” drywall is made from pressing gypsum plaster in between two sheets of paper and is later used as walls and ceilings inside of homes. Drywall has been in production since the 1800s, with the first plant opening up in Rochester, Kent in the year 1888. Drywall seems purely practical. It’s used to make walls that go into houses … end of story, right? Well, what if we told you that one man was taking drywall to a whole new level by transforming it into stunning works of art.

Bernie Mitchell has defined himself as a master of drywall art in the 20 years he has been practicing the craft. Mitchell loves using drywall to bring boring walls to life with beautiful scenes of animals in nature. Birds, fish or wolves – you name it and Bernie can make it happen. We’re not sure if Bernie was the first person to start doing drywall art, but he’s certainly the most famous. We can say for certain that he isn’t the first to master this method of sculpture. Known as “relief,” this form of sculpture involves carving images into a fixed background made of the same material. Unlike other sculptors who work with large chunks of marble, relief sculptors use walls and ceilings as their canvas, making them the perfect decoration for any room.

Do you see yourself being the next “master of drywall?” If so, check out this video following Bernie through one of his most impressive pieces yet. You can check out his website for more tutorials and examples of his gorgeous work.



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